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Ruth and Stu’s Relaxed Hampshire Wedding

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Ruth and Stuart’s wonderful wedding day was completely personal to them, and all the more special for it! The tiny and oh so beautiful chapel which Ruth attended as a child was the perfect setting for their wedding ceremony. And when Ruth’s friends from her choir began to sing, well, it was incredibley moving. The wedding party then enjoyed a short walk, accompanied by none other than the fiddler from Fleetwood Mac, before celebrating together in Ruth’s parents garden. Romantic, personal, relaxed – everything Ruth and Stuart wanted, and some fabulous wedding photography to top it all off! Congratulations Ruth and Stu, you’re a great couple and we’ve loved being part of your story xx See their engagement shoot here.

“We thought Chris was like a Wedding Photography Ninja; we hardly noticed him and yet, by the photos, he seems to have been everywhere at once! And thank you, not just for the photography, but all the communication and nice touches leading up the wedding. You are a great team!” Ruth and Stuart

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A few words from our blushing bride…

What did you love most about your wedding day? We loved having all of our family and good friends in one place to celebrate!

The chapel looks amazing! Can you tell us more about it? Yes it’s part of the school I attended when I was young. We had various bits of our favourite choral music for our ceremony and this provided a perfect acoustic – it sounds so beautiful.

And your wedding dress is just gorgeous – who is it by? I actually have no idea! I bought it for £150 at the Oxfam Vintage Wedding Dresses in Shirley, Southampton. I really loved it and it fit perfectly.

Any suppliers you’d like to recommend? We bought our wedding rings in London in Hatton Garden, and my engagement ring was my grandmother’s. Locally, I would recommend:

Maries Florist in Southgate Street, Winchester

Mandy and Hugh at Southern Marquees

Paul Gillingham and all his team at Country Caterers in Winchester

Edward Goodman at The Cheese Stall in Winchester market for providing our delicious wedding cake made up of English Cheeses!

And finally a bit of feedback on Chris – would you recommend him and why (or why not!)

We would highly recommend our talented and charming wedding photographer Chris Ison! He has provided us with many memories of the day and was able to capture so many moments, both the poignant and the hilarious. We thought Chris was like a Wedding Photography Ninja; we hardly noticed him and yet, by the photos, he seems to have been everywhere at once!

Chris’s background as a photo-journalist means that he brings a different style to wedding photography that we love. The few formal photos are really well composed, and we particularly like all the great shots of the children and the ones in the evening.

It may not seem like an important thing but lots of our guests have since specifically mentioned how nice Chris was. And thank you, not just for the photography, but all the communication and nice touches leading up the wedding. You are a great team!

Thank you so much to Ruth and Stuart for inviting us to be part of your wedding day, and for the wonderful feedback!

We are now taking bookings for later in 2016 and 2017, so please get in touch if you like what you see! We’d love to hear from you.

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