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In the worst case scenario, how will your photographer cope?

There’s a howling gale, the light is rapidly fading, and your mum is desperate for a group photo with your entire extended family, most of whom are at the bar. How will you feel? And how will your photographer react?

If you’ve chosen the right photographer, you will feel AMAZING, and your wedding photography will be SPECTACULAR.

But how do you know who’s the right wedding photographer for you? Well, as with other suppliers but perhaps most importantly with your photographer – you need to have complete and utter confidence in them.

Because anything less could haunt you for the rest of your married life!

Chris and I take the time to get to know our couples really well. We love meeting up for a coffee or a glass of wine together, it doesn’t feel like work at all. And an engagement shoot is pretty much compulsory! If you’re reluctant, that’s even more reason to do it! It’s all part of getting to know each other, finding out what’s important to you, and building trust.

If we don’t think we’re a good match, we’ll say so. Unfortunately we have had to turn couples down before.

You also need enough evidence to know your photographer can cope in any situation, and turn it to their advantage. The odd image from different weddings isn’t enough to prove competence, style and flair in post-production. It’s particularly important to look for how they cope with low light or conflicting light sources, both indoors and outdoors, like these for example…



Adam and Heather

Becky enjoys the speeches at her Hampshire wedding to Grant

And finally, personality is key – your photographer will be around for the majority of your wedding day. Will they be intrusive and distracting? Might they be rude to your guests in awkward situations (heaven forbid!), for the sake of getting a good shot? Or will they blend in and help to mould the perfect day?

One of our couples described Chris as the Wedding Photography Ninja and it seems to have stuck. Everyone’s amazed at how you hardly notice him on the day, and yet he captures so much of what you feel and experience, as well as the moments you inevitably miss. Hire a photographer who you trust completely and utterly, then relax and enjoy the start of your married lives together – whatever happens on the day.

Contact Chris and Helen here or email, to arrange a chat over coffee or a glass of wine, we’d love to hear from you.

Chris and Helen Ison x

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